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Q:  Why do I struggle with dating and unhealthy relationships?

A:  Often we find ourselves in a vicious cycle in dating and/or relationships, repeating the same unhealthy patterns over and over again.  Sometimes we keep choosing the same type of person that may not be healthy for us, and sometimes we keep doing the same things/mistakes that contribute to the break down of the relationship,  or a combination of both. Usually we are unaware of what we are doing.  For example we may be using destructive communication patterns or choosing partners with sociopathic personality disorders.  It is crucial to be able to examine these patterns to become fully aware of our actions in order to start making healthy choices, set healthy boundaries and be involved in healthy relationships.

Q: What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)?

A: This is a therapeutic process which entails the individual examining their cognitive thought processes and behavioral patterns with guidance from a therapist.  The goal is to identify destructive or negative thought patterns and underlying root problems that surface.  New cognitive and behavioral coping tools are then taught and practiced to replace the unhealthy mechanisms.

Q: What is the difference between childhood/teen depression and adult depression?

A:  In many ways the child, teen and the adult may be experiencing similar feelings, but the symptoms and behaviors that surface may often be different for children and teens.  The most prevalent symptoms for children and teens include oppositional/behavioral difficulties, increased anger, nightmares, decreased academic performance, skipping school, dropping out of activities, substance abuse, and promiscuous behavior.

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