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                                   Divorce Guidance for Parents

  What is the best way to handle and interact with my children during the time of a divorce?

  Some healthy, basic rules to guide you during this difficult time:

   1)  Let your children know that the divorce is not their fault.

   2)  Never speak negatively of your ex-spouse around your children.

   3)  Do not put your children in the middle of any conflicts with your ex-spouse,  including

         legal, custodial or financial issues.

   4)  Assure your children that they will be safe.

   5)  Provide or maintain consistent structure, routine, rules and limits in each household.

   6)  Encourage your children to express their feelings openly, without defensive or

         punitive reactions.

   7)  Actively listen to your children and validate their feelings.

   8)  Give each child consistent one on one quality time and express your love unconditionally.

   9)  Seek professional help for your children to provide an objective outlet for them.  Some

         children manifest anger or sadness externally, and some internalize feelings, possibly

         trying to be the "good child", only to mask their hurt inside.

 10)  Take care of yourself.  A parent's care is only healthy if the caregiver is first taking care of her/himself.